Learning spaces with personality

BZ is a cross-functional team of professionals striving to help you create a space that reflects your personality and needs.

Where every opportunity to learn is a chance to open doors

BZ came to be as a response to the world becoming more of a global village with each day, and the need for the different members within this village's small corners and pockets and far reaches to have access to development and learning; on an individual scale, institutional scale, and global scale, to be better prepared for and help shape the future to come.

What started out as a chance to share information has grown into a yearning to see others develop. Now, our cross-functional team of experts can see our clients projects from conception to finish, and help you reach the goal that you deserve.


Our Team

Our team is available around the clock

group of people having a meeting
group of people having a meeting

Business Zone and its branches specialize in a wide range of areas with a wide portfolio covering a broad spectrum of organizational needs and projects; with a heightened focus on providing solutions.

Our partners, clients, and industries

  • Learning and Development

  • Business Language Skills with Coaching

  • Personal and Professional Coaching

  • Hotel Management and Hospitality Learning

  • Aviation Services and Learning

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

  • CSR

  • School Management and Support

  • Teacher Recruitment and Placement